Cybersecurity Program Management

Don’t Wait for a Cyber Emergency. Plan Ahead.

Real cybersecurity consists of People, Process and Technology. People are the actual owners of the process, Process is the documented, formal system which is responsible for ensuring controls are implemented properly and Technology consists of the technical controls responsible for each aspect of data protection.

Jedi360 can help your organization by developing a strategic cybersecurity roadmap which increases your cybersecurity maturity. Our team has secured the some of the most challenging environments and has a unique, process-oriented approach. We specialize in cloud environments and can help you at any stage of your cybersecurity journey.

We have the experts you need to help your company create a robust cybersecurity program

For Your Data. For Your People. For Piece of Mind. For Business Growth.

Ensures a thorough approach.

We are cybersecurity experts, with deep cloud experience. We understand complex, dynamic environments. We provide and implement a roadmap for the appropriate People, Processes and Technology required to meet compliance and security goals.

Creates an integrated program that you can manage in-house.

We establish a plan based on your unique situation, specific security needs, and administrative capabilities. We set it up and get it running so you can manage it going forward.

Prevents data loss from new waves of threats.

Our proactive approach defends you from continuously evolving threats. We incorporate the best technologies and establish efficient processes and procedures to safeguard your organization from data leaks and breaches.

Streamlines your security program and consolidates resources.

We create a centralized program for you that eases your administrative workload, reduces your operating costs, and provides thorough protection.

Ensures business continuity and facilitates growth.

We work with your personnel and IT staff to ensure a smooth transition to a more complete and secure program. Our advanced approach ensures protection for rapidly evolving businesses of all sizes.

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